Lee Blackwell

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Muckefuck Urethane, Muckefuck skateboards, CTI Kneebraces, Bawbags, Hardcore Hobbies, Skull Candy

2018 position 8 of 28 (A Group)
2018 attendance 57% (4 of 7)
2017 position 15 of 23 (A Group)
2017 attendance 29% (2 of 7)
Age 39
Skating since 1992
Stance Goofy
Favourite skater Chris's Miller, Neal Hendrix, TNT, The vertical vampire, Dave the baby rhino Allen , Andy Scott, mark Munson, Ben Ramurz.
Favourite trick you can do Egg plants
Favourite trick someone
else can do
Eggplants by Dave Allen
Trick you want to do Front inverts
Mega ramp? Whatever
Olympics? No
What you like about the
vert series
The way it brings all skaters together to create amazing sessions among great people.
What you dislike about
the vert series
Not enough vert ramps in the uk to create more sessions haha how can you dislike something so positive
Comments as a skateboarder I feel blessed to be part of something so positive.

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